Hello, my name is Steven Lyons. I have worked as a creative director, UI designer, illustrator and lecturer in illustration and design. For a time I majored in physics in college. As an early adopter of the Mac, I was one of a small group of artists asked to create works using the then brand new MacIntosh computer for MacWorld magazine. I live and breathe all things Adobe. I have created illustrations for national magazines. I have designed national-scale apps and websites. I understand the design limitations imposed by our mobile culture and embrace a mobile-first design philosophy. On occasion my work has been recognized in design award annuals and has appeared in books about design for social change.

When I take a break from working to make the world a better place, you can find me cycling in the hills of Northern California.


No Blood for Oil, an early work, is in the collection of SFMoma and Cooper Hewitt Design Museum at the Smithsonian.